Risk Assessment

Umbrella Group Ltd offers its proven experience in the field of risk evaluation and follow-up interventions.

With the Risk Evaluation process, Umbrella Group identifies potential threats for employees, assets, expats, know-how and travel security, determining the risk probability and its potential consequence on the business. In this way, we can develop and implement strategies and apply countermeasures in order to eliminate or mitigate such risk.

Our team has accomplished more than 1000 intervention, including the assessment of sensitive sites such as:

  • Power station
  • Maritime transport
  • Oil industries and refineries
  • Research and development centres
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Harbors and airports

Travel Security

Umbrella Group Ltd manages every security aspect of business travels abroad, identifying risks and adopting countermeasures to be applied to its mitigation.

Umbrella Group Ltd offers technological and logistic support, and security expertise during all phases of travel, in the design, organization and management of security in complex and high-risk environments for companies that, in a Duty of Care perspective, must guarantee the safety and security of their traveling personnel and the security of assets and production processes abroad:

  • Intelligence (all source, analysis, country/city profile, security evaluation, monitoring, briefing, warning and alert)
  • Survey of the sites, security and evacuation plans
  • Technology (localization, satellite communications, technological security systems, cyber security)
  • Pre-trip training (health, security, culture, first aid, emergency and procedures)
  • Secure transports (soft-skin/armored vehicles, security drives, charters, escort vessels, RIB’s)
  • Close protection (experts from NATO countries, local qualified professionals)
  • Security of sites usually frequented (working areas, hotels/residences during business trips and meetings)
  • Evacuation (in case of critical events, such as health problems, natural disasters, terrorism, political and social instability, kidnap)

Geolocation and Monitoring – Guardian Angel

Thanks to services of localization and monitoring, Umbrella Group Ltd supports and protects the personnel working abroad, wherever they are.

In case of emergency, our artificial intelligence system (Guardian Angel) automatically alerts our operation center, where experts and doctors activate emergency services, everywhere in the world.

This solution allows to fulfill the obligations of Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care.

Maritime Security – ISPS Code

Umbrella Groups Ltd’s operators have International operational experience and come from special forces of NATO countries. They are certified professionals, in compliance with IMO directives for the implementation of the ISPS Code (International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities).


Adopting and following ISPS Code standards allows to:

  • assure your fleet against terrorism and piracy actions
  • create ship security plans (also for mobile offshore drilling units, and high speed crafts, as defined in regulation XI-2/1)
  • create port facility security plans
  • train personnel to handle hostility situations
  • improve the skills of security managers and operators

The ISPS Code regulates the activities of fleets engaged on international voyages:

  • passenger ships, including high-speed passenger craft
  • cargo ships, including high-speed craft of 500 gross tonnage and above
  • mobile offshore drilling units

ISPS Code is applied in the port facilities serving such ships engaged on international voyages.

Maritime Anti-Piracy

  • Security team on board ships transiting in High Risk Areas
  • Escort vessels in HRA
  • Ship Security Assessment
  • Ship Security Plan
  • Ship Hardening Measures
  • Crew Security Training

Offshore Asset Security

  • Risk evaluation of offshore installations
  • Implementation of Security Plans to protect assets and personnel from acts of terrorism and piracy
  • Development of SOP
  • Training of the personnel to handle critical situations
  • Developing of pilot projects for the security of shore and offshore installations

Our experts come from Italian Navy Special Forces and NATO countries with proven experience in the management of maritime counterterrorism operations.

Crisis Response and Risk Management

We live in a global context characterized by an incessant redefinition of the socio-political and economic-financial scenario. This generates increasingly complex situations to deal with.It is necessary and crucial to be prepared to respond to crises anywhere in the world, to manage the risk in order to prevent / avoid the Tipping Point.

Umbrella Group Ltd supports companies that operate abroad to limit and prevent exposure to extreme risks with highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge technologies.


An advanced protection system for the human capital, assets and business projects is based on accurate, immediate and actionable information.

Businesses and their managers often have to take strategic decisions in complex and risky situations in a very short time.

Umbrella Group Ltd, through its analysts, is able to analyze and provide companies with the correct information to anticipate or prevent harmful actionsto the business.